Tapes: Vinyl, Low Noise & Polypropylene Tapes are stocked in a variety of sizes & colours and can be printed in up to three colours.  We also sell Cloth, Reinforced Crossweave, Fabric, Double Sided, Masking & Gummed Paper Tape in an assortment of grades & sizes.

Strapping: Polypropylene, Polyester & Steel Strapping is available in a selection of breaking strains and widths for both hand and machine applications.  Sisal & Polypropylene Twines are also offered for sale.

Stretch Films in all the various formats: Cast, Blown, Pre-stretched and Hand or Machine Rolls are supplied as is a host of different dispensing tools & machinery.

Shrink Films in Polythene & PVC Film are supplied along with the Shrink Tunnels, L Sealers & Hand Held Guns they are used on.