Whether you need designed protective packaging for high value, delicate items or just void fill to pack a space, Answerpak has the solution:-

Designed Protection in Foam - Performance computer designed and drop tested packs, manufactured in our own factories from a whole host of different foams in varying densities.

Designed Protection in Film - Spacepack Air Cushions are an efficient & versatile range of protective packaging products, resulting from engineered films combined with a high quality manufacturing system.  Ready made cushions and complete manufacturing systems are available for both protective packaging and void fill.

Spacepack Loosefill - The leading brand of free flowing expanded polystyrene loose fill, containing a recycled material.

Spacepack Pillows - A patented closed cell foam cushion made from 100% recycled foam for fast & effective protection.

Aircap Bubble Film - The only bubble film with the unique barrier coating to minimise air loss.  Available in small, large or extra large grades; it can be supplied on the roll, in cut sheets, bags or perforated.

Cellaire Polyethylene Foam on the roll - Smooth or fluted foam is offered, as are paper & polythene laminates.

Paper Blankets, embossed and corrugated papers provide varying degrees of protection & are stocked in many different sizes.